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SPARKS:2001 - The official newsletter of the Academy of Applied Science
2nd Quarter
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JSHS: 2001: And the Winners Are...

Sparks That Caught Fire

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Operating on a Global Scale

Hats Off to Inventors! National Inventors' Month - August

Sparking the Inventive Mind

Please Meet Doris Cousens

Beyond the Cutting Edge

That "Something Special"

Sparks Worth Igniting

Volunteers: They're the Key

Young Inventors

Welcome to SPARKS 2001 (V1/Q2)

What is the Academy of Applied Science?

That oft-asked question has many answers. The Academy is the place where youth science programs are administered. The Academy is the place where innovative research is fostered .The Academy is the place which encourages inventors and inventive thinking. The Academy is the place that provides communication tools to local, national and international audiences.

The Academy is many things to many people and there is a common thread to what it has achieved and where it is headed. The Academy of Applied Science is the place that fuels the spark of genius.

Being innovative and creative means being different in a world that is comforted by the status quo and able to appreciate true genius only in hindsight. Breaking the boundaries of traditional thinking has been the Academy's mission since its inception, and this pioneering spirit weaves together that which is seemingly disparate.

We were inspired to name our new communication, SPARKS, because of a statement made more than 140 years ago by President Abraham Lincoln who observed that the U.S. patent system "added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius." We borrowed from Mr. Lincoln when we created the Academy's new motto: Fueling the Spark of Genius.

As you read through this issue of our quarterly publication, you will recognize the connections that the Academy is making and the opportunities it provides for those who dare to be different. For those few who are willing to venture to the edge of tomorrow, the Academy of Applied Science is there to support their uncharted journeys.

The Academy welcomes inquiries for additional information regarding programs, activities and new initiatives

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