The Academy of Applied Science welcomes inquiries for additional information regarding programs, activities and new initiatives. Please direct requests to:


Academy of Applied Science

24 Warren Street
Concord, NH 03301
Tel: (603) 228-4530
Fax: (603) 228-4730 E-mail:



Carolyn Choate - Program Manager, CBC

Doris Cousens - Director, JSHS

Holly Foote - Clerical & Technical Assistant

Pamela Hampton - Program Director, YIP, JSHS Scholarship Administrator & Navy Science Awards Program Administrator

Gordon Jackson - Director, CBC

Irene O'Mara - Treasurer & Director, REAP

Kate Trojano - Business Administrator & Deputy Director, JSHS


Board of Directors

Sheldon Apsell, PhD
MicroLogic, Inc.

Sheldon Buckler, PhD
Lord Corporation

George Buglliarello, PhD
Lord Corporation

Dedric Carter, PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Robert DiMatteo
MTPV Corporation

Joanne Hayes-Rines

John Hutson
Franklin Pierce Law Center

Frederick McCorkle, LT. General
Lord Corporation

James Milliken
Modern Woodmen of America

Robert Rines
Academy of Applied Science

Ralph Rodriguez
Aberdeen Group

Alex Slocum, PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology