About the Academy of Science

"The academy is not a training center; the academy is a catalyst..." --Robert H. Rines

The Academy of Applied Science, incorporated in 1963, is a private nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, chartered for the purpose of promoting creativity, invention and scientific achievement. Its President, Robert H. Rines, was concerned with the modern problems of technological innovation, its impact on society and the plight of the inventor, researcher and entrepreneur in the innovative process.

The Academy is recognized nationally as an educational resource center offering enrichment programs for students, and professional development for teachers and educational administrators. The Academy honors learners of all ages, striving to encourage inventive thinking, productive research and talent development in the disciplines of math, science and the humanities.

The Academy's youth science activities annually reach over 12,000 elementary and high school students nationwide. These activities include sponsorship of the Young Inventors' Program (YIP) and the administration of the national Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (JSHS) and the Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP) which take place at colleges and universities nationwide. Funding for programs is provided by the Academy and through contracts and fees for services, as well as grants from private foundations, contributions from individuals and state and local federal agencies.

The membership of the Academy consists primarily of entrepreneurs, inventors, industrial and intellectual property lawyers, businesspersons, educators and others concerned with innovation and furthering the service of technology and applied science. Individuals become members of the Academy through nomination by current members.

The Academy is administered by its officers, directors and advisory board.