Youth Programs

Junior Science & Humanities Symposia (JSHS)

Established in 1958, JSHS is a national program to encourage and recognize the next generation of mathematicians, scientists and engineers. JSHS reaches over 10,000 high school students and teachers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and in the Department of Defense Schools of Europe and Pacific Rim regions. More

Young Inventors' Program" (YIP)

Established in 1986, the Young Inventors' Program"(YIP) is a statewide program coordinated by the Academy of Applied Science and a volunteer consortium of New Hampshire educators to spark creativity in students in grades K through 8. New Hampshire held its first statewide annual celebration 1987. YIP combines teacher training with the integration of invention into the classroom curriculum, and hosts an annual celebration for student inventors. More

Research and Engineering Program (REAP)

Established in 1980, The Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP) is designed to encourage economically and socially disadvantaged high school students to pursue careers in math, science and technology by offering a hands-on experience in research and development to those who desire to continue their education in these fields. More

Central New Hampshire Educational Collaborative (CNHEC)

CNHEC was formed in 1987 for the purpose of providing an effective forum where a voluntary association of school districts can work together to promote and improve education. More

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