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“"I would like to let you know what a positive influence the program has been for our Bozeman High School (Montana) student participants. I teach physics and my students enjoy science very much and seek many avenues in which to satisfy their quest for scientific knowledge. Whenever I mention the opportunities available through the Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program, I get many enthusiastic requests for applications. Those who have participated have told me how much they appreciated their summer work experience. It is apparent that their love of science was enhanced through the program. They speak proudly of their research. These students returned to pursue engineering careers. Those that have been fortunate enough to participate have told others about their wonderful experience, therefore, I have students inquiring if such an opportunity would be available for them. I am grateful for the opportunities that REAP has given my students."
Dawn Sturman



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For Teachers and Educators

We know you want your students to succeed. But it's almost a full-time job to keep them motivated working hard on preparing for the on-rushing future. And maybe you, like us, understand the critical need in our nation to interest more students in the STEM professions—sciences, technology, engineering, and math. We're here to help. The Academy of Applied Science administers a variety of programs designed to support teachers and educators in providing scholarship and apprenticeship opportunties for students in the sciences, and we welcome your help to connect us and our programs to your most promising students. We rely heavily on recommendations from you—the teachers and educators who know these students the best—for recommendations to participate in many of our programs.

For example, we also have a program (REAP) that focuses on students coming from under-privileged circumstances who would otherwise not be exposed to careers in the sciences, mathematics, engineering or technology...students that must have a recommendation by a HS teacher or administrator to be considered for one of our summer apprenticeships working closely with a mentor in a university research facility.

We also provide creativity-inspiring invention-based ciricula to schools with students in grades K-8 (Young Inventors' Program®). Supported by the Meant to Invent! Teachers' Guide, the program can be woven into your classroom curriculum. This guide combines the concept of inventing with the process of creative thinking, critical thinking and creative problem solving—helping you provide experiences and activities designed to bring the student in touch with the learning process. Teacher training workshops are also available. We can even pair you with a mentor who have run the program in his or her own classroom and can provide critical guidance.

The Academy also sponsors a national symposium (JSHS) to recognize and reward those high school students (9th-grade plus) who have put significant effort into science and invention projects during the year. The national symposium is fed by regional symposia and represents the most promising students and projects.

In addition, we administer several other programs that provide scholarships, internships and other awards to promising high school students looking to pursue STEM careers in hundreds of local, regional and national science and engineering fairs nationwide.

A quick overview of our programs:

The Young Inventors' Program® This classroom-based program helps youth (K through 8th grade) develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills by challenging them invent solutions to everyday solutions. The program encourages exploration and participation by those students who may not “fit the mold” for traditional sciences. (Currently, this program is available throughout New Hampshire and is being taught in Nevada, New York and Massachusetts.) If you would like to offer the program in your classroom and school, contact .

The Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS) challenges and engages students in grades 9 through 12 in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). Students compete for scholarships and recognition on a national level by presenting original research efforts before a panel of judges during the annual symposium. Students will need to apply to a regional JSHS symposium to vie for awards and recognition, including the opportunity to advance to the National symposium. With you help, your student needs to contact the JSHS regional symposium director in your area to obtain application guidelines and materials.

The Research Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP) provides opportunities for all high school students, including underrepresented groups, to gain hands-on work experience in scientific research and development programs on a university level. REAP students are exposed to real world scientific research and are able to see themselves making a living as scientists and researchers. Selected students are awarded a stipend for their summer research experience in a university lab. All students must apply via the AEOP using the following link:

Connecting to an Academy Program

Please call or email any one of us at the Academy for more information on programs that may benefit your student.