Technology Transfer and Commercialization

The Academy of Applied Science, throughout decades of invention encouragement and support, has partnered with a great number of inventors, organizations and institutions in the United States and abroad. The result of these cooperative relationships is apparent in the Academy's vast patent portfolio.

The Academy holds significant interests in a substantial number of valuable technologies ranging from aerospace, chemical processes, and aquaculture to communications, medical instrumentation, petroleum recovery and machine tools.

Among the institutions involved in this global cooperative are:   Companies involved in this effort have included:

The Batou Materials Institute in Manchuria, China

The Beijing Institute of Nuclear Energy

Carnegie Mellon University

Chengdu University, China

China Nuclear Energy Corporation

Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Moscow & St. Petersburg Academies of Science

NTD Patent Agency - Beijing, Hong Kong

The Peoples Liberation Army Research Laboratory in Beijing, China

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

The University of Massachusetts


Aesop Inc.

Allor Foundation

Amherst Polymers Co.

Allied Photo Sciences Inc.

Bartelink Enterprises

Beltronics Inc.

Beth Israel Hospital

Blonder Broadcasting Inc.

EG&G Megapulse Inc.

Prototech, Inc.

RG Company

Sundance Solar Products, Inc.

Wet Technologies Inc.

The following are samples of technologies and/or technological know-how available from the Academy of Applied Science for licensing. Interested parties should call (603) 228-4530.

Sample Technologies Available
US # 4,628,941 Instrument And Process For Sampling Cervical Mucus And The Like
US # 4,821,029 Touch Screen Computer-Operated Video Display Process And Apparatus
US # 4,877,656 Method Of Fabricating Simulated Stone Surfaces And Improved Simulated Stone Product
US # 4,921,277 Method Of Labeling Needle Syringes And Medication Vials And Novel Labels Therefor
US # 4,956,030 Method of Fabricating Simulated Stone Surfaces And Improved Simulated Stone Products
US # 5,036,513 Method And Apparatus For Integrated Voice (Audio) Communication Simultaneously With "Under Voice" User-Transparent Digital Data Between Telephone Instruments
US # 5,073,915 Densitometer For The On-Line Concentration Measurement Of Rare Earth Metals And Method
US # 5,091,913 Quartz Crystal Tuning He-Ne Double Frequency Laser
US # 5,098,563 Low Pressure Ion Chromatograph For The Analysis Of Cations
US # 5,295,439 Incapacitating Non-Lethal Multiple Projectile Ballistic Round
US # 5,361,700 Ball-Firing Cartridge And Method
US # 5,387,858 Energy-Conserving Multiple Power Source And Method For Battery-Operated Products
US # 5,460,188 Method Of Inducing Safety In Sexual Acts And Aids In Support Thereof
US # 5,492,613 Process For Electroless Plating A Metal On Non-Conductive Materials
US # 5,552,821 Method Of And System For Stereoscopic Television
US # 5,652,407 Non-Lethal Ammunition And Method
US # 5,674,032 Tooling System And Method With Integral Hydrostatic Bearings And Turbine Power Source
US # 5,799,924 Replicated-In-Place Internal Viscous Shear Damper For Machine Structures And Components
US # 5,834,410 Surface Textured Cleansing Device And Method With Massaging Effect
US # 5,888,114 Modular Storage System, Components, Accessories, And Applications To Structural Systems And Toy Construction Sets And The Like
US # 5,974,446 Internet Based Distance Learning System For Communicating Between Server And Clients Wherein Clients Communicate With Each Other Or With Teacher Using Different Communication Techniques Via Common User Interface
US # 6,002,558 Method And Apparatus For Expanding Functionality Of Vehicle Cassette Tape-Player Decks To Permit Dictation Or Other Recording And Automatic Remote Station Relaying Of The Same
US # 6,053,349 Beverage Can Identification Apparatus And Method For Reducing The Spread Of Disease By Limiting The Change Of Inadvertent Drinking From An Open Can Of Another
US # 6,062,446 Combined Backpack, Cot And Tent