The Academy of Applied Science is a private, non-profit organization with educational and scientific purposes and a major commitment to innovation.

The Academy is recognized nationally as an educational resource center offering enrichment programs for students, and professional development for teachers and educational administrators.The Academy's youth science activities annually reach over 12,000 elementary and high school students nationwide.

The Academy's mission is to ensure that innovation continues to flourish as the essence of human spirit and the foundation of the world's freedoms and prosperity.

See the NH Young Inventors' State Celebration Archive!

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Global School District
A global online classroom delivering "e-learning" or distance learning capabilities to educators and students around the world.

For grades K through eighth combining teacher training with the integration of invention into the classroom curriculum. more

Apprentice program providing research and development experience in fields of math, science and technology. more

Program that encourages and recognizes the next generation of mathematicians, scientists and engineers. more

The Academy's research and educational arm relating to intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and scientific or technical information. more

Research at Loch Ness, Molecular Biology, National Inventors' Month co-sponsorship, United Inventors' Association of the USA, Central New Hampshire Educational Collaborative. more