The Academy of Applied Science is a private, non-profit organization with educational and scientific purposes and a major commitment to innovation.

The Academy is recognized nationally as an educational resource center offering enrichment programs for students, and professionial development for teachers and educational administrators.The Academy's youth science activities annually reach over 12,000 elementary and high school students nationwide.



Inventors . . . They were the reason the Academy of Applied Science
(AAS) was started. "The year was 1963," recalls AAS founder Robert Rines.
"I was concerned about the challenges faced by inventors, researchers and
entrepreneurs, and I wanted to develop an organization that would support
inventors and their goals."

Over the years, the mission of the Academy has expanded, but inventors
and the impact that technological innovation have on society have always been
at the heart of the AAS mission. Encouraging students to follow their
inventive talents and supporting adult inventors in developing theirinventions are today important programs at AAS.

United Inventors Association of the USA

The UIA is an affiliate of the Academy of Applied Science. As an
affiliate, the Academy is supporting the membership of inventor organizations
by subsidizing membership fees for those groups that cannot afford them.

Workshops for Inventors

The Academy co-sponsors workshops that educate independent inventors
about the process of new product development. In addition to sponsored
workshops, AAS provides this link to reputable workshops and conferences.

National Inventors Month - August

In 1998 the Academy of Applied Science joined with Inventors' Digest and
the United Inventors Association to create the first National Inventors

Youth Science Programs

Young Inventors Program