The Academy of Applied Science welcomes inquiries for additional information regarding programs, activities and new initiatives. Please direct requests to:

Jane M. Lacasse,
Executive Director
Academy of Applied Science
24 Warren Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 228-4530
(603) 228-4730 fax

Sheldon Apsell,
Chairman of the Board
Robert H. Rines
Joanne Hayes-Rines
A.Bryan Harris?
Jack Wiesman

Robert H. Rines
, President
Donald Grant Kelly, Chief Executive Officer

Jane M. Lacasse
, Executive Director, AAS, NHYIP, REAP
Doris Ellis Cousens, Director, JSHS
Irene G. O'Mara, Assistant Director, REAP
David S. Brown, Director, Information Technology
Peter H. Alford, Director of Development
A. Bryan Harris, Chairman of the Research Committee
Kate F. Trojano, Business Administrator
Elizabeth F. Foy, Program Specialist
Holly A. Foote, Clerical, Technical Assistant