"My time spent at Purdue Calumet has been instrumental in helping me form a more holistic understanding of what biochemistry research is about. After being exposed to all these different techniques, I have gained an appreciation for the delicacy of both living and nonliving experiments. For example, though I have dealt with spectrometers before in high school, REAP’s experience at Purdue Calumet has taken the understanding to a higher level. The experience I have gained during my weeks spent there will undoubtedly provide a more expanded understanding of research at the college level and a gateway to research in the future. By gaining a deeper appreciation for research, I am now considering doing research at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. REAP and Purdue University Calumet have certainly presented an excellent opportunity to indulge in first-hand experiences in the biochemistry laboratory and offered a positive stepping stone in the path of research."

Apply for a REAP apprenticeship via the AEOP website.
After applying, contact Irene O’Mara (REAP Director) at (603) 228-4530 or email her at

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