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The 46th JSHS National Symposium will be held in Orlando, Florida - April 30 - May 4, 2008


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The Academy is recognized nationally as an educational resource center offering enrichment programs for students, and professional development for teachers and educational administrators. More»

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2008 Young Inventors' Annual Celebration Award Recipients

Fidelity Investments 2008 Young Inventors' Program Information

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The Great Idea Finder - Celebrating the Spirit of Innovation

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The Academy's research and educational arm relating to intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and scientific or technical information. More » Web-based Real-time Dialoging; Cable TV and the Academy's Global School District. More »

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The Special Projects of the educators, scientists and students of the Academy of Applied Science. This section includes the research at Loch Ness and much more. More »


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