Intellectual Property Education

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Research Foundation (PTC)

Established in 1949 as a nonprofit foundation at George Washington University, the well-known PTC Research Foundation is now the research and educational arm of the Academy relating to intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and scientific or technical information. In 1999, the Academy, recognizing the importance of continuously advancing education, knowledge and understanding of the law as it effects the progress of science and the useful arts in innovative processes, became the official home for the Foundation. More

Promotion of Advanced Commercial Technology Program (PACT)

PACT, an acronym for Promotion of American Chinese Technology, is a program that was created to assist Chinese universities and individual inventors in bringing their ideas to American businesses. This assistance would also involve an information exchange to enable Chinese inventors to better understand the markets that they were trying to enter. More

Franklin Pierce Law Center

Franklin Pierce has consistently been ranked among the top intellectual property law schools in the country by U.S. News & World Report and has attracted international attention. In the eighties, the center began to offer the master of intellectual property degree, to train patent administrators in other countries in contracts and trade secrets. The 1999 graduating class of more than 200 juris doctor degrees and master's degrees came from a record 32 countries. More

National Inventors Council

During W.W.II, the National Inventors Council (NIC) came into being due to the recognition that inventions and ideas of U.S. citizenry could play an important role in the war effort. From the noble beginnings of producing ideas, such as a small mercury dry cell battery with a two-month life for walkie-talkie use a mirror signaling device for downed pilots; a substitute for kapok life jackets, the National Inventors Council continued as the only technology transfer link between the citizenry and the military and other government agencies. More