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The PACT Program (Promotion of Advanced Commercial Technology)

Under the impetus of a new patent law program in the People's Republic of China, the Academy of Applied Science was asked to assist Chinese universities and individual inventors in bringing their ideas to American businesses. This assistance would also involve an information exchange to enable Chinese inventors to better understand the markets that they were trying to enter.

This venture was developed under the aegis of a program called PACT, an acronym for Promotion of American Chinese Technology. Like its progenitor, the NIC, which has continued to expand its charter, PACT has found that its acronym could now stand for Promotion of Advanced Commercial Technologies.

PACT became a natural outgrowth of the NIC as part of its activities, particularly as it has come to aid not only Chinese universities and ministries in protecting and licensing or otherwise commercializing upon their inventions and technologies, hopefully with American companies, but also faculty and graduate students of American and United Kingdom universities, as well--and an occasional independent inventor or small company.

To provide the wealth of knowledge required to assist any technology, members of the Academy, the NIC, the Franklin Pierce Law Center and the PTC Research Foundation were organized so that PACT would be able to support inventions and innovation in the mechanical arts, electronics, computers, communications, chemistry, biological sciences, material sciences, and all phases of the medical arts. Leading entrepreneurs have joined to contribute their talents in this licensing endeavor, and the Academy now offers a myriad of new technologies for licensing by others.?

There are significant ancillary benefits as well. PACT is providing t raining opportunities for law students specializing in Intellectual Property Law at the Franklin Pierce Law Center. The program provides the occasion to prepare license agreements, negotiate royalty payments as well as exercising other skills necessary for a career in this field. In addition, foreign administrators from several third world countries training at the Law Center are given the opportunity to see technology transfer in action...to appreciate the vital role of our free enterprise system.

From an effort that had its origins from mankind in crisis (see National Inventors Council), today PACT, joined by those who recognize that invention, innovation, and technology transfer is essential for world prosperity and peace, is building a program dedicated to enabling all invention and innovation, no matter where it occurs, to reach its maximum potential for the mutual benefit of all society.