The Special Projects of the educators, scientists and students of the Academy of Applied Science

Research at Loch Ness
Sightings of the elusive beast of Loch Ness have been reported for hundreds of years. A scientific team from the Academy of Applied Science determined to see for themselves... more

National Inventors' Month Co-Sponsorship
A project sponsored by the Academy in partnership with Inventors' Digest magazine and the United Inventors' Association of the USA each August to celebrate invention and raise awareness of the vital contributions made by the independent inventor... more

United Inventors' Association of the USA
A non-profit organization founded to educate those who are interested in new product development and to serve as an umbrella for inventor organizations... more

Central New Hampshire Educational Collaborative
CNHEC was formed in 1987 for the purpose of providing an effective forum where a voluntary association of school districts can work together to promote and improve education.