Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program


Key to the success of the REAP experience is the mentor working with the student. Mentors support professional growth and development, which in turn empowers the student. Not only do students become empowered, but mentors themselves often feel renewed as they share their knowledge and experience and nurture the talents of their young protégé.

The REAP experience has been and continues to be a rewarding one to the majority of participating mentors. Mentors enjoy having eager young people in their labs and feel the experience is making a difference in their lives. Dr. Robert Cody from Iowa State University writes:

"I am firmly convinced that the program provides strong reinforcement for students interested in science and engineering as a career, and also provides high quality assistants for university research. I appreciate the opportunity to once again take part in the REAP program."

The faculty members recruited for REAP provide excellent role models and students are able to interact with some of the best faculty in the country. And the paring of student with a mentor frequently leads to further involvement after the REAP experience has ended. Students feel free to contact their mentors with problems or questions about future science fair projects, college choices or course selections. Many relationships continue beyond the paid summer job or college internship.

The REAP mentors continue to publish extensively in addition to their teaching. Many are invited to lecture and take part in workshops at various locations.

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