Academy of Applied Science
Young Inventors Program


1. Sarah, a fourth grader, wanted to scan negatives into her computer for a school project. The scanner wouldn't accept the negatives so she invented the "Scanner Adapter for Negatives" and exhibited the beautiful results she was able to achieve.

2. Eric, a fourth grader, has participated for four years in the annual Young Inventors' Celebration. Most recently he invented the "Ontelli-tag" which helps you quickly locate your luggage as it appears on airport carousels.

3. Jamryanne, a second grader who is vision-impaired, invented a walking stick, "The Eye of the Cane," that helped her to avoid bumping into things at her height.

4. Tyler had a terrible time slowing his dog down on newly finished floors at home. The dog would run into the room and go sliding across the floor, leaving scratch marks and crashing into furniture. Tyler, a second grader, invented the "Non-scratch Dog Slippers."

5. Nicholas, a second grader, invented the "Tub Sling" for his little brother who broke his leg. His Mom was having a difficult time giving him a bath and so Nicholas did some problem-solving.

6. Two fifth graders, Ryan and Shawn, had trouble scooping ice cream so they invented the "Ice Cream Scoop with Heater."