Academy of Applied Science
Young Inventors Program


TEACHERS--Teachers benefit by developing strategies and techniques within the classroom to foster creative thinking and problem solving. Activities prior to an invention unit (as described in our Teacher's Guide, Meant to Invent) help teachers to develop better questioning skills, provide them with instructional materials to promote critical thinking, and give them information, contacts, and a bibliography to refer to.

STUDENTS--Students love the "finished product" they invent. Teachers love the process the students go through to get that product. A student develops great pride and ownership in their invention. They hang onto them. They refer to them as they move through the grades--displaying them in their rooms, etc. Creating something brand new is more exciting to them than re-creating something from science, i.e. a volcano. We're finding that more and more students love to create Rube Goldberg's. They require so much thought and processing. So, kids love the product and teachers love how they get there!

ALUMNI--Given that our program is in its 14th year, we do have adult alumni out there who would probably love to volunteer at their local schools when teachers begin work on their invention units.

PARENTS--Parents love this program because many of them are "never had the opportunity to do this when I was a kid" folks. We have offered them the opportunity to display their own inventions at our annual invention celebration. Teachers have taken advantage of this opportunity also. Parents take such great pride in their children's work.