Academy of Applied Science


We built it and they came!
by Joanne Hayes-Rines, AAS Vice President

In 1998 the Academy joined with Inventors' Digest and the United Inventors Association to create National Inventors' Month?? August (NIM). It was the first step toward making a dream come true. All three organizations are fiercely dedicated to encouraging everyone-young or old, male or female, white, black, brown or yellow-to use their innate innovative talents. This year we've taken one more step toward realizing that dream.

To celebrate NIM, we provided free display materials to more than 3,000 libraries around the country. These materials were created as backdrop against which librarians could build their own displays. Last year's NIM Library Program was funded solely by Inventors' Digest and 425 libraries eagerly responded to the offer for free materials. From photos and letters, we learned how creative librarians are.

One librarian set up a display detailing the story of the invention of the typewriter and its evolution. She displayed several "typing machines" from a very old one to an electric typewriter to a modern keyboard. Another ordered all of the books on our recommended book list and
displayed them with our specially designed posters.

2001 is year number four for NIM. A "pass the hat" fundraising program raised $33,325.00 with the major supporter being the Lord Corporation. Other corporations plus inventors and those who love inventors sponsored libraries. We asked for $12.25 per library and the response was heart warming.

Included in the display materials were a banner, five 11" x 17" posters (including one that was designed and provided by the Lord Corporation), five 8 1/2" x 11" posters, bookmarks and even stickers for kids which proclaimed, "I am an inventor!" The materials were shipped only to libraries that requested them.

The United Inventors Association added another dimension. UIA Administrator Carol Oldenburg alerted inventor groups to libraries in their area that were celebrating NIM. Many of the groups conducted workshops or special meetings for children and/or adults.

To all who helped make this year's wonderful library program a reality, thank you. In years to come NIM will grow and be recognized worldwide. It will be the catalyst to spark inventive thinking in those who would not otherwise consider themselves inventors.

See if your local library is involved. Go to and click on "National Inventors' Month." Also, on the web site you can look at the materials we sent; we welcome suggestions for next year's program.