Academy of Applied Science


Young Inventors Celebrate

And what a celebration it was! The New Hampshire Young Inventors' Program celebrated its fifteenth year by hosting 195 students and their families at Merrimack Valley High School in Penacook, NH on May 12, 2001. Students set up their inventions with a sense of accomplishment as proud parents looked on. The children were eager to share their ideas with anyone passing by as they taped and propped and demonstrated their inventions, practicing their presentations for the judges yet to come.

The Young Inventors' Program was delighted to welcome Mr. Bryan Dennis from the Discovery School Channel and Mr. Justice Rines and Mr. Eli Ercolino from Inventors' Digest as newcomers to the celebration. The Discovery Channel asked to present the Millennium Award to the student whose invention offered solutions to problems brought about by developments in computer, Internet and telecommunications. Curtis Lamp, a fourth grader, won this award for the Pediatric-neb-vu-lizer. Curtis also won the Inventors' Digest Award for inventing the best invention to help other people. Barrett Kelly, a first grader, won the Inventors' Digest Award for inventing the best pet-related invention, the K-9 Night Watch Man. Steve Caney, noted inventor and author, joined the celebration to select the Steve Caney Award winner, Kelsey Hutchinson, a third grader who invented the Napkin Keeper. Alexandra McKinney, fifth grader from Matthew Thornton Elementary School, was honored with the Lemelson Award from the Smithsonian for her invention "Be a Spelling Bee Game." (photo)

One parent wrote in her evaluation that the best part of the celebration was, "observing the fun and wonder of creative thinking!" Another wrote, "You did a great job inspiring and motivating the students of New Hampshire." The parent of an 8th grader wrote, "He loves inventing and is very gifted in mechanical construction. This program has given him a chance to use his abilities. Thank you!"
Teachers also had very positive things to say about this celebration. One commented, "I loved the organization of the day." Another thought the best part was "the experience of creating something from their own ideas." Many reflected on invention as being "a chance to put their minds in action to be challenged!"

Our student inventors also offered some enthusiastic responses. A fourth grader said that the best part for him was "explaining to the judges how my invention works." Another said that she would "change nothing because I think it was perfect the way it was." One indicated that he would participate again because, "It was extremely fun and I had a great time."

The highlight of the celebration came when Dr. Robert H. Rines, President of the Academy of Applied Science, introduced the YIPEE Club song. All of our student inventors were welcomed into the YIPEE Club with a rousing rendition of the YIPEE Club song.
From the reading of the Proclamation from Governor Jeanne Shaheen declaring May 12, 2001 as New Hampshire Young Inventors' Day in the morning to the Awards Ceremony in the afternoon, student inventors had the opportunity to shine!